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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mumakil-Flies Will Starve

The Lord of The Rings the Mumakil are the Haradrims name for the oliphaunts, giant elephant like creatures who the Haradrim ride into battle. Mumakil's new record, The Flies Will Starve is reminiscent of the same crushing power that the oliphaunts showcase in the books. A 24 track selection filled with mind crushing riffs and circle pitting blasts the explosive power of Mumakil will trample you into the ground and pound your bones into dust. This is a record that proves the enduring power of grindcore, how ear bleeding blasts can represent rock and roll in its purest form.

There is but a single song on this record that clears the two minute mark and that is the just over one hundred twenty second 'epic' ultimate track Behind the Mask. Whats really remarkable about this record is the completely unforgiving nature of the riffs. While this record is still very much in the grind genre there are definitely a few brutal death elements. In fact, Flies Will Starve reminds me distinctly of Repulsions 1989 classic Horrifier. The same hectic feel and dedication to brutality is very present on the record. It gives the songs a wonderful sense of evil and makes tracks like Designed to Fall so much more poignant.

So to wrap it all up The Flies Will Starve is a sort of development upon the unholy travails of bands like Master and Repulsion. Undeniably grind and dedicated to evil there is a distinct old school brutal death metal feel to the music. If you're looking for a hard moshing good time that calls up the good old days of grindcore gods like Napalm Death then this is the album for you. With short songs for those who seek the most twisted development upon Chuck Berry's music The Flies Will Starve is one of the greatest grind records of 2013 so far. Suffice to say, Relapse have done good in signing them.

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