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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Not Afraid Anymore cover art

Oak is a stellar post rock band from Strasbourg whose mysterious instrumental music touches the soul. They create vast experimental soundscapes that reach out and really move the listener. The songs are pretty simple at first glance yet upon multiple listens one starts to delve into the layers of sound and magic that make up this record. Oak is one of those instrumental bands that you can really get lost in. Their sound is just so beautiful and has so much glory its impossible to ignore the incredible force that is Oak's music. The bands debut album Not Afraid Anymore is something every fan of post music and prog must check out. it is worth many a listen and each spin will uncover new details. While at first it may appear to be short at a mere five songs but in fact the tracks are all fairly long and have interesting and far reaching progressions. So if yuo're loking for a band to absorb your body and caress your spirit with the gentle ministrations of stellar songwriting and elegant guitar playing Oak is the band for you!

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