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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Seraph In Travail-The Dawning Night

Some of you may remember Seraph In Travail as the band that impressed us so much back in September. Well now they're back with a powerful new song entitled The Dawning Night. Their brand of classically themed metal is a blast to listen too and will rip your head off with manic riffs, precise solos and wonderful song structure.. The Dawning Night appears to be a logical progression on their previous efforts. The crazed circle pit inspiring riffs of Seraph In Travail are always cool to listen too and The Dawning Night proves to be no exception. Toss in some absolutely stellar production and these Philadelphia natives (Go hometown metalheads!) are able to prove themselves as something really special. A stellar single worth many a spin I think a lot of death metal fans would find this new track from Seraph in Travail to be most enjoyable indeed. It shows that the future is bright for these guys, hopefully htey can play their cards right and take their music to a whole new stage!

Listen to it here!

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