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Monday, July 1, 2013


Headless cover art

Whorecore is a vicious deathgrind band from the darkest parts of Israel. Their vicious sound and crazed riffs are something that no fan of the Dark Lord's music will want too miss. To describe Whorecore one would have to say it is what would happen Cattle Decapitation decided to get even heavier and include some really cool melody lines for flavor. This band know how to make incredibly brutal and driving music and lovers of brutal death metal and other deathgrind acts should find Whorecore to be wholly enjoyable. The solos on their record are also great, they are pumping with energy and add some really cool energies to an otherwise very brutal mix. Their is a dedication to violence here that you rarely hear in modern death metal, suffice to say there is no real respite from the eternal and grinding power of Whorecore. If you're looking for a death metal band who will melt your face off with a mix of raw speed and total evil then Whorecore is definitely the band for you!

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