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Friday, June 7, 2013

Spectral Flood

Spectral Flood is a mysterious metal band from Regua who have been making their own very distinct brand of metal since 2010. Their twisting riffs and seemingly never ending guitar attack is always fun to listen too, the way they layer their sound helps to keep things interesting and proves once again that the Portuguese scene is one of the best out their today. The production of this bands work is also stellar, it really takes their music to a whole new level and makes it a lot more enjoyable. The production especially shines on the bands epic Diving into a Blind World. Given the bands intricate soundscapes the production really allows it to achieve a whole new level. Their is a nice mix of cleans and growls here, done in a way that seems natural and flows properly, it gives the music a whole other dimension and puts it well above many modern metalcore acts that seek to do the same thing. So if you're looking for an interesting metal band with a pedigree to wrap up your week with then it seems like Spectral Flood will be the band for you!

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