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Saturday, July 20, 2013

9 Fake Reasons, Dreadful Silence, and Darktribe at La Scene Bastille

So tonight I had the joy of going down to the classic Parisian venue La Scene Bastille and seeing three great young bands tear up the stage. The venue itself is pretty great, and though it was kind of sad to see only 30 people there (the last time I went, to see Guthrie Govan there had been several hundred) the general vibe was very good and the bands were often applauded. All in all these three bands were all a lot of fun to see and the great sound and positive atmosphere made tonight a memorable one spent at one of my favorite venues in the city.

9 Fake Reasons was up first and their set was simply electric. The way they blend dark and light textures, on the record, is solid, but in a live context, it's simply magical. They proved themselves to be diverse songwriters with a flair for the bombastic. Particularly excellent where some of the high flying solos which added a lot of flavor to the set and were fun to watch. With a pretty decent stage presence I'd be interested to see how a larger crowd would react to these guys, they certainly have a sound that would fit in a large arena context. With blazing riffs and great songwriting chops I'm excited to be seeing them again in September!

Up next was Dreadful Silence, my perennial favorites, a clown makeup wearing metal band who seem destined for greatness. A bit of a pit opened up on their set, it probably would have been larger if we had more people, and they simply tore up the stage. Marginally better than when I saw them last Sunday night I still would go see these guys again in the very near future, they are simply that good live. The thing is their music is tight and their look never gets old, what more can you ask for? The driving bass riffs, magnificent vocals (Their singer is simply a beast, a true virtuoso growler) and completely stellar guitar parts blew me away once again, their forty five minute set became a sort of tribute to the eternal glory that death metal has.

The final band on the night was Darktribe a soaring power metal group who really brought me back to the Hammerfall loving days of my early teenage years. This bands set blew me away, especially with their incredible guitar parts. I loved the solos, they were worthy of Malmsteen himself, and the riffs were technical and tasty. Meanwhile the vocals flew on the wings of a metal eagle giving the entire thing a power that was hard to reckon with. It was impressive to see how well the band played along with the keyboard backing track too, that is no mean feat. This is a great band to see live simply because they are so much fun, they're tight too, its definitely something I want to see again.

In sum, though there were only three bands and a handful of people I still had a lot of fun tonight checking out two new bands and one who I have dug for a while now. 9 Fake Reasons set was impressive and I really liked discovering new elements of their music in the live context, I'd be interested to see them again. Meanwhile, Dreadful Silence put on a unique show and are not something you want to miss, I get the feeling they'll be on a major label in a pretty short time. Last was Darktribe on the ultimate date of their tour, their stage presence was glorious and the sound magic, I hope to see more from them in the future. All good bands to check out, I hope you guys have the chance to see them live soon!

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