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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fall City Fall

Fall City Fall is an exciting hardcore band recently signed to Victory Records, one of their fans requested that I do a quick write up of them here. Their music is hard hitting and powerful yet with a certain hardcore honesty that gives the genre all of its strength and beauty, few modern bands really get into creating deep and moving hardcore. Yet Fall City Fall exploit the genre to its fullest, showing the potential to become the next big thing in modern hardcore. It gives the music a certain staying power, showing that these songs really transcend the genre and go on to become something more after a fashion. The other great thing about these guys is that they don't do any of this boring good cop-bad cop stuff that dominates so much of the scene, instead they maintain a certain fidelity to the progenitors of the genre. This group seems to revel in their rebellious and intelligent hardcore might. So if you're looking for some solid new hardcore with a band whose just starting to break the big time, then Fall City Fall is the band for you!

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