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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Meline-Masters of the Ocean

Now HERE is a record that roars with heavy metal might, replete with the magic of Judas Priest as they roll into town on their Harleys. HERE is a band who understand what heavy metal should truly be and come through with all of the roaring might of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. If you couldn't tell already, what I'm trying to say is Meline's Masters of the Ocean is an incredible debut record from a band who is technical, fast and glorious, a group who are slaves to the Power of Heavy Metal and will never let the magic die or fade away.

Their are two key points that make this album really excellent. The first, and the most blatantly obvious is the way the lead singer can screech and roar in a way that rivals Halford himself. He gives the music an old school NWOBHM power that few bands can really capture simply because no one really has the pipes for it anymore. The second thing to note is the incredibly technical playing that dominates so much of the album. The guitar solos are simply spectacular and give a lot of flavor to the songs with their stellar melodies. Yet the technicality isn't just limited to the guitar either, there is a whole host of bass flourishes that make Masters of the Ocean very much worth listening too.

In conclusion, if your looking for a high flying heavy metal record from a band who understand what metal is really about then this is the band for you. Boisterous and technical this album is a stunning debut. While there are still bits to polish (some of the articulation could be improved for example) the end result is simply a lot of fun. These nine tracks represent the glory of our beloved genre from a band who really get it. I am very excited to hear where Meline brings their sound in the future, with a bit of work they could very well be the twenty first centuries answer to Judas Priest.

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