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Monday, July 8, 2013


Adeia is a nifty prog band signed to Layered Reality Productions (Man, these dudes have a great roster!) Their mix of classical elements with an otherwise very prog influenced sound creates a very interesting aural experience, one that is similar to groups like Opeth and Dream Theater but somehow distinctly different. What really sets these guys apart is their use of full time violin and cello players, something that very few prog bands would even dare to do. The string breaks add a lot of flavor to the music and really give the band their own vibe. From the opening chords of their single Providence it becomes abundantly clear that these guys know exactly what they're doing and their mix of traditional hard hitting prog with classical elements seems like it will last for years to come. With great songwriting, a plethora of unique elements and a stellar mix of cleans and growls I'm excited to see what the future holds for Adeia. They certainly have a lot of potential, so now its just a question of seeing if they can get a break and really reach out to a wider market!

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