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Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Madness, Human Fate, Abysse and Acyl at Le Klub

So tonight I went down to that legendary French metal venue Le Klub, a concert hall that is quite literally underground. I love this venue because you literally feel every note coursing through your veins. For the heavier sets the decibel meter rarely dipped below 100, it was loud, proud and glorious. A true metal Valhalla where the pvre revel in heavy metal magic. There was a bit of everything tonight, from electronic metal, instrumental metal (Instrumetal?) and even some Algerian instruments I only just found out existed. Suffice to say, it was a very cool experience.

New Madness where the first band to come on. This was their inaugural show and even though they seemed a bit nervous they played flawlessly. Their aggressive brand of aggrotech dubbed 'electro-metal' was really cool to discover and gained a lot live. The fact that they played so accurately with recordings was truly impressive and showed how much they had prepared for this gig. The solos were far and away the best part of the performance, some of the longer and more technical ones really blew me away and added tons of flavor to the music. With their powerful industrial tone they set the mood for the night, preparing the crowd for other atypical metal bands to come.

Next up was the very cool guys from Human Fate. Their frontmans crazy performance left me wanting more, (Also, epic dreadlocks, just sayin'). The way they fused their 'world music' parts with more hard hitting death metal was very impressive and gave their set a surreal quality. I really dug their lyrics to, they gave off a clear message and added a whole new layer to the music. As a whole the group was very tight and their synchronized headbanging was a lot of fun to watch. The drum lines were also really cool and had some interesting tribal passages. These guys really know how to deliver live with a powerful sound and interesting elements from musical cultures that rarely get to shine in modern death metal.

Third on the running order were the French instrumental stoner lords in Abysse. I've been looking forward to seeing these guys live for some time now, as their first album blew me away (And I got a copy of their new EP tonight) They were tight yet had a lot of cool 'jammed' passages and the improvisation bits were simply brilliant. Abysse takes their music to a whole new level when they play live, it takes on elements that I never imagined it having on the record. This was one of my highlights of the night, a band who I really dig simply killing it live, you don't get much better than that. These guys definitely deserved their spot opening for Soulfly.

Finally we had Acyl, a band whose mix of Arabic and English lyrics give their music a very magical edge. Their use of traditional instruments was simply superb, I loved their cool drum passages and their synchronized dance moves. The way the lead singer moved his body to some of the songs was simply brilliant. I really dug their vocal harmonies, they added a lot of meat to the performances and were nicely contrasted by the heavier parts. What really makes Acyl special is that they take the primordial magic of Algerian music and fuse it with the primal punch of death metal for an end result that is something more, something greater and more beautiful.

In short, I had a great night, and, judging by the roar of the crowd at the end of Acyl's set, everyone else did to. The bands were all tight, and even the debut performance from New Madness was a lot of fun to watch. Every group brought something unique to the stage and this meant that their was always fresh interest from the crowd. From the electronic tones of New Madness, the world music of Human Fate, the instrumental riffage of Abysse to the Algerian magic of Acyl there was a lot to digest. The sheer diversity of the music was something special and made tonight into possibly my best evening so far at Le Klub.

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