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Friday, July 26, 2013

Ale Shores

Ale Shores

A band who seek to push the limits of thrashy death metal Ale Shores are a tasty act who have been ripping up the UK for just few months now. (Their debut EP came out in August of last year) While their music may be hurt by its production quality the anger of the riffs and the harsh evil found within the vocals should not be ignored. The manic playing on songs like Green Dawn shows an inborn ferocity that is hard to find in this era of metal. Rather than jumping on the rethrash bandwagon these guys go for pure thrash brutality. Their is an inner darkness to be found here that gives the music its own flavor, a certain cthnoic might that should not be tampered with. If your looking for a thrash metal band who get the crazed hatred that made bands like Slayer so good in the first place then Ale Shores is the band for you. While these guys still have a lot of development to do there is a lot of fresh new stuff going on in their sound and I'm excited to hear how they develop in the future!

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