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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Brooklyn Enigma

The Brooklyn Enigma is a promising hardcore band formed in the closing days of 2012. Their debut release, Brave Words is a promising little EP that shows a band ready to take the world by storm. Their is a certain vicious hatred that dominates their music and makes their songs fresh. Add in a touch of death metal groove and you have yourself a very promising band who are really bringing something new and exciting to the table. I really dig the riffs on this record, they have a certain hardcore might, an undiluted hatred that really makes them special. The power of the vocals is also rather impressive there is an almost percussive might to be found here. It takes the music to a whole new level of hardcore magic. Their breakdowns are completely unforgiving too, songs like Mangle really gain a lot from the ferocity and desperation of the half speed sections. In sum, if your looking for a hardcore band who know what brutality is and are not afraid to get ridiculously heavy then you need to check out The Brooklyn Enigma's Brave Words!

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