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Friday, July 26, 2013

Idle Class-The Drama's Done

Pop punk has long been one of my guilty pleasures because of its raw innocence and teenage beauty. The glorious and beautiful sounds of the genre scream of the The Who's teenage wasteland. Admittedly, the genre has stagnated in recent years with the dominance of acts like Green Day. So when I find a band who really bring something to the genre I think I am justifiably excited. And so it is with Idle Class and their new record The Drama's Done an album that brings pop punk to a new level and captures all of the magic and gives it new life.

What makes this record special is the unique vocal style and the powerful choruses found throughout. There are plenty of singalong parts to and this helps to give the music a sort of childlike magic that is only found in pop punk. This magic is reinforced by songs like Han Shot First and Sometimes You Eat the Bear, the pop culture references only serve to make the music more enjoyable and poignant. The combination of this with some of the harsher vocals is simply excellent and gives the record a unique flavor and shows Idle Class to be a fresh new blast in a saturated market.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a fresh record that breathes new life into pop punk then this is the album for you. The Drama's Done is a new high for pop punk, my expectations of what can be done within the genre have been recalibrated and I'm excited to see where they bring their sound in the future. For a truly paradigm shifting and mind blowing pop punk record that will forever change the way you see this music that too many discard by the end of middle school. Suffice to say I fully expect to see Idle Class brushing aside the posers and bring forth a new age of light for pop punk in the near future.

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