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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Along the Lines

Along the Lines are a nifty metalcore band from Kentucky. Their sound is tight and powerful with some really excellent guitar riffs. These guys clearly know how to write a tight metalcore song. The mixes could be polished a bit though and the transitions between cleans and growls could probably be refined. Yet as a whole this band is surprisingly tight with cool melodic lines. I really dig the heavier parts and the screams are really well done. I'd like to see more of their heavy parts incorporated, they almost remind me of metalcore greats like August Burns Red. The drum lines are pretty tight too, they have a hectic thrash metal tight feel that adds a lot of power to songs like Sometimes You Just Gotta Roll the Dice. Meanwhile the bass provides a lot of power in the breakdowns and adds flavor to some of the lighter sections. In brief, Along the Lines are a pretty cool up and coming group and they act as bold standard bearers for the growing Kentucky metal scene.

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