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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Seraph Sin

Seraph Sin

One of my regular complaints about this blog is that I don't get enough industrial bands requesting reviews over here. Well today is my lucky day because I just found out about aggrotech illuminaries Seraph Sin. Their industrial tones are accented by heavy metal guitars and some quasi-rapped vocals for an end product that is impressive and very tight. Their oftentimes bouncy yet powerful riffs are not something any industrial fan wants to miss out on. Their music is perfectly produced too, their songs finely polished and the arrangements brilliantly executed. They truly do deserve their label of "Orchestral Industrial Metal", their music is refined and powerful with a crushing might that is rarely found in industrial metal today. Instead of going for the abstract soundscapes of Author and Punisher like many modern industrial bands these guys opt moreover for the go for the throat mentality of groups like Combichrist mixed with some solid rap sensibilities. If you're looking for a killer industrial group to end your work day with then Seraph Sin is the band for you!

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