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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Piece 418 cover art

Asenion is a very cool progressive death metal band from France whose nifty riffs and cool songwriting is not to be missed. While they are still developing their sound (They are a relatively young band after all) Asenion have a few cool ideas that show them to be a potential filled group who are ready to bring prog to the next level. Whats important to note about this band is that while they may have an outer facade of being more straight up death metal the progressive elements soon make themselves a lot more present and give the songs a lot of flavor. Their is something for many a metalhead here, from the pvre death metaller to the prog snob. The ideas may be diverse but they all seem to fit within the bands sound and come across sounding tight and interesting. So if you're looking for a fresh and technical death metal band who use a lot of sci fi influences in their lyrics then Asenion is something you should check out. If you can try to see them at Why Not metal fest on July 20th in Nevers!

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