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Friday, July 12, 2013


Athenia EP cover art

Athenia is a riveting progressive metal band (not djent) whose intricate sound and flashy guitar lines craft powerful soundscapes whose very substance seems to be the raw power of metal. Interestingly, their soudn does not really fall in the death metal vein, even if their music is fairly heavy, it has more of a gritty Avenged Sevenfold or After the Burial feeling, the basis of the music seems to be rooted in metalcore. However the guitar riffs tend to be a lot heavier than you might find in the music of those bands and there is a certain raw desperation that these bands don't really have. In the vocals their is a sort of plea, a veritable cry for help that characterizes the music and makes it much more touching and powerful. The solos are, at best exquisite, I particularly like the one on Fall of a Fragile mind and I think it could even be longer and flashier. To finish, if you want a hard hitting and powerful progressive metal band who aren't afraid to incorporate some metalcore elements in their sound then Athenia is the band for you!

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