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Friday, July 12, 2013

Where Giants Once Stood-Changing

Where Giants Once Stood is a nifty metalcore band from Toronto. Their music is oftentimes heavy but they are not afraid to use a lot of epic atmospherics to add flavor to their own distinct brand of modern metal madness. With solid songwriting and perfect production all around there debut EP, The Changing is a promising piece of music that shows a band who are seemingly capable of driving their sound to a whole new level with a little improvement. As a whole, the seven tracks on this record are a stellar example of the magic that can be found in modern metal today.

The thing to know about Where Giants Once Stood is that their heaviest parts are by far their best. Parts like most brutal bits The Changing are simply excellent blasts of death metal fury. That is not to say that their clean vocals are poorly done, but I feel like their death metal rage is simply fantastic, so why add in unneeded cleans. That being said, I really like the way a lot of these cleans are implemented and they give a certain catchiness to the music. The breakdowns are rather rare and when they are present they are pretty well executed, so I won't call them out on that either. All I'm trying to say is that currently Where Giants Once Stood are a very good metalcore band, yet I get the distinct impression they could be a GREAT death metal band.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a metalcore record that has a true death metal rage and some pretty nifty atmospherics this is something your going to want to check out. The seven tracks that make up this EP are finely polished and craft beautiful soundscapes with their excellent keyboard lines and brilliant atmospheric parts. Yet seeing this band go down a heavier and more Revocation type path might be the way forward, these guys are certainly talented enough for it! Nevertheless, this is a very promising metalcore debut and I am very curious as to see where the band brings their sound next. Be sure to check out the record when it drops on July 30th!

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