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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Baroness-Live At Maida Vale

I'll admit, before this record I wasn't much of a Baroness fan, sure I'd spun their stuff but none of it really inspired me, I just couldn't get what made the band so special to so many people. And then Relapse requested that I reviez Live At Maida Vale and I think I finally get Baroness, I see the human side, the magic and the ethereal beauty of a band who are just starting to make it big, this live EP captures all of the power of the band and distills it into four songs. A startling and engaging record Live At Maida Vale shows the sheer humanity and the glory of Baroness.

The thing is, the songs here come across in a very different manner than on the record, the choruses seem a lot more poignant to me and this gives the music a lot more emotional power. When you consider the turmoil the bands has gone through (with the bus accident and all) since the records release you realize that Live At Maida Vale really captures a moment in time, showing the true spirit of the band. This is where the record gets its best moments, when it is at its most human, truly and accurately reflecting a band who seemed destined to change metal forever. This humanity is not something we often see in the metal world and for that I have come to cherish Live at Maida Vale.

In conclusion, if you're looking for an album that you will come to love quickly a record that grasps the sort of inherent beauty of metal then this is the album for you. While it only represent four tracks its clear that a lot of heart went into the making of this record and it turns it into a very emotional release. Its a veritable snapshot of the band, just weeks before the bus crash that would seemingly change the band for good. It's almost tear inducing to think that the lineup that made these songs might never be able to play together again, yet this album stands as a testament to their chemistry and joy, and for that reason you need to pick up Live at Maida Vale when it drops next week.

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