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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Brennkelt (official)

Brennkelt is a vicious French pagan metal band who are very much in love with the romantic vision of the Gaulois. Giving their music a very powerful and aggressive overall vibe these guys simply become a blast to headbang too. And note, their music is not without its acoustic mastery as the intro of their track Icauna will no doubt show you. But when this band getsheavy they really shine with a plethora of blast beats and violent vocal lines that can seemingly never be tamed we are held in thrall by the mystical French might that Brennkelt seems to draw so heavily from. Fun and barbaric their really isn't much more you can ask from Brennkelt. In many respects Brennkelt could even be called a French Amon Amarth, they are simply that good, and they revel in their glorious and violent heritage: This bands dedication to metal that is trve can not be questioned, (and if you did they would probably skewer you) these guys are clearly in it until they die, suffice to say they should be fun to see Sunday night!

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