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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Black Tusk-Tend No Wounds

Black Tusk have long been one of my favorite beard metal bands for two simple reasons. The first, nobody on the modern scene can riff like them, they really know what they're doing and taking it to a new level. The second, their bears are completely incredible. Somewhere along the way to the doom metal dorkery of labels like Southern Lord we forgot a little bit of what brought us all together, powerful riffs and memorable choruses, a Black Sabbath for the modern age (minus the doom bits of course) the raw groove of this band thrives on their new EP Tend No Wounds.

Black Tusk haven't really strayed far from their traditional formula on this record, even if their is a clear development on 2011's Set the Dial there are still great riffs and a couple of huge choruses and honestly, you can't ask for much more in a great record. My personal favorite is Internal/Eternal which features a powerful and desperate chorus that leaves metallers begging for more. The thing is this record is just fun, heavy and explosive, something that any metalhead can love, from someone raised on NWOBHM to someone whose first love was Lamb of God there is an eternal magic on Tend No Wounds that will never die!

In short, Black Tusk have done it again. They have crafted a record (Albeit only a six track one) that is incredibly powerful, destructive and simply pummeling. Signing Black Tusk was probably one of Relapse's best decisions of the past five years, riff for riff no modern band can compete with Black Tusk, Tend No Wounds is just another proof that this band is going to go down in history. What will probably end up being my EP of the year anyone who loves great riffs, harsh vocals and simply fantastic music (So y'know, everyone reading this blog) has to pick up the album when it drops July 23rd!

Find out more on the Black Tusk Facebook Page!

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