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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Cyrence is a ripping thrash metal band who are very much in the grand old style yet somehow not rethrash but instead something more. Their new hard hitting concept EP is a veritable four song epic with lots of crazy solos, heavy riffs and gruff vocals. Their  record kicks off with a story of nuclear war, always a great thrash topic and then the album develops into something more. A poignant story that goes beyond what most thrash metal usually settles at. Their is a certain punchy quality to the riffs that really helps to keep things tasty and interesting. This may be do to the bass's surprisingly high place in the mix, it gives the music a lot of meat and really endows tracks like Jesse Survived with an old school heavy metal might, something few enough bands can really get at these days. There is a certain darkness here too, it adds a lot of flavor to the story and gives the entire thing a much more evil vibe. So, if you're looking for a solid and intelligent thrash band with some rock and NWOBHM tendencies infiltrating an otherwise old school thrash metal sound then Cyrence is the band for you!

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