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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cave Growl

Cave Growl

A hard partying folk metal band who isn't from Scandinavia for once? Yes please! That's exactly what Cave Growl is, some of the craziest party folk I've heard in a while these guys beer soaked anthems are reminiscent of groups like Alestorm, and Trollfest. Yet their tends to be a bit more of a progressive element to their sound which adds a lot of flavor to the music. While the melodies tend to be fun and the choruses fun the proggy structure of tracks like Ace of Beer make the music strangely transcendent, Cave Growl strike a perfect balance between crazy partying and pure unadulterated prog metal madness. The folksy beauty of some of the bridges adds a lot of magic to the music, especially shining on songs like Something Drunk. The overall impression is that Cave Growl not only know what they are doing but they are wholly a part of this scene and deserve a great place in it. In short, if you're on the hunt for a fun folk metal band with excellent musicians then this a band you must check out!

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