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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Call of Beer and Living Strength at La Bouée

So tonight I had the opportunity to storm the killer French house venue La Bouée and see two excellent bands perform. A venue that is trashy, filthy, and punk to the core I simply love La Bouée. There is a sort of proletariat glory found in the anarchic symbols that litter the venue. Flies swarm around, dogs are running about and everything shrieks of rock and roll magic. This is the kind of place that extreme music is meant to be performed. Another plus, the sound system, while rather bare bones, is pretty great and keeps things raw. Suffice to say, it only complemented the music of Call of Beer and Living Strength.

Call of Beer's music is very catchy and filled with fun fills and great choruses. The two girls and the pair of transvestites who made up the band gave the group a unique look, making the concert all the more interesting. Their mix of originals and covers was cool to see and their interpretation of American Idiot was both tight, and surprisingly inspiring. These guys are very tight live and their hard hitting punk and roll riffs were fun to jam to. I'd like to see them do a longer set next time, their music is simple but fun, it never gets old! They were a brilliant introduction for me to the La Bouée venue and I hope to see them again in the near future!

Next up was Living Strength, a band who fuse classic metal and death metal with fabulous results. When their set started we immediately broke into 'brothers in arms' style headbanging and I knew it would be a good time. Their singer is a veritable legend. His voice is powerful and dominating, it left me wanting more.  Even if he could polish his attack a bit it was still an impressive debut with the band. (In fact, a good chunk of the members were doing their first performance with Living Strength). The solos simply ripped, I'd like to see more from their guitarist, it added a lot of flavor to the music. I really want to see these guys again, as they become more experienced together I can only imagine how much better their set will become.

In conclusion, this was an excellent night at a simply excellent venue. If you're looking for a good time at a great punk venue in Paris then La Bouée is definitely the place for you. It adds a lot of flavor to concerts that glorify all that is extreme. The two groups I saw were also pretty great. Rife with energy and a great attitude they left me looking forward to the next time I would get to see them. Solid groups both, they still have plenty of room to develop and it should be interesting to hang out with them and watch them prosper in the months to come!

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