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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Call of Beer

Call of Beer is a fun punk band from Paris whose sound is high powered and catchy with powerful riffs and vocals often reminiscent of the Misfits or the Ramones. In fact, I'm not surprised to see these guys citing Noir Desir (A major French band frmo the 80s') as a major influence. With a sound that is pretty laid back and surprisingly tight these guys are simply fun to listen to. They provide a nice rock and roll backing and their strangely elegant vocal lines are surprisingly addictive. This group proves that their can be solid punk written in French, they use the language to guide their music and give it an interesting edge that no American or English band could really re-create. Although they only have a handful of live videos up now, I think that with some time in the studio these guys could really shine. As is, their songwriting is tight and their choruses catchy, I'm excited to see what happens to these guys as they develop their sound and spend some time in the studio! Seeing them tonight should be a blast!

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