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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Funeral Dawn

Funeral Dawn

Funeral Dawn is a vicious black metal band from the darkest part of Paris, what sets them so far apart from many other more standard issue acts is the way that they fuse their black metal with elements of other extreme genres, in particular thrash and death metal. The end result of this is extremely grim black metal with flavor, something that few of the modern bands really get at. The group that Funeral Dawn is perhaps most similar to is Immortal, they both have harsh soundscapes and occasional parts that are downright moshable. Yet the black metal magic is what ultimately dominates Funeral Dawns sound, it infuses them with a pvre and brutal darkness that is gloriously bleak. Some of the riffs here are great too, I especially like the rapid playing on Balors Eye. The acoustic parts help to make the pieces significantly more interesting as well. Toss in some grim but not necro growls and you have yourself a tight band who really get what black metal is supposed to be about. In other words I am very much looking forward to seeing live on Sunday night at Le Klub.

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