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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cobrette Bardole-Everything, In Time

Some of you may remember Cobrette Bardole from my review of him back in February where I was stunned by his flowing and very natural style of playing the guitar. Well now he's back with a new EP entitle Everything, In Time. On it he further develops his guitar style as an acoustic master and really plays with elements of light and dark. It gives his music a very distinct flavor and puts it a cut above many other solo guitar players. The melodies he crafts are simply timeless and feature some unique ideas. In many ways his whole approach to playing the guitar reminds me of Mark Tremonti or Andy Mckee. They are played with a really great earthy passion too, their is an intangible might here that just makes the tracks that much better. The songs are surprisingly engaging considering that their's only one acoustic guitar playing. This is just a testament to what a great songwriter Bardole proves himself to be with this record. In short, if you're looking for some glorious spiraling acoustic mastery the Everything, In Time is the record for you!

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