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Friday, July 12, 2013

Crimson Shadows

Sails of Destiny cover art

A motorcycle roars into town, off stomps a Mjollnir wearing Chuck Schuldiner. Thus describes the fusion of Death and Power metal that characterizes the music of Crimson Shadows. This is no viking metal group, nor a band characterized by mixing cleans and growls (although that does happen). Instead Crimson Shadows fuse power metal and death metal in an entirely new way, with flavor, passion and a steel fire burning in their bellies. I love the way they combine the high flying guitarmonies of power metal with the grit of pvre death metal. While in some places there could be a bit of polishing and cleaning up the general idea is very sound. It leads me to believe that Crimson Shadows genuinely have the potential to shape the metal scene in years to come. Finally we have a band who both the skinny power metal nerds and the dome skulled death metal lords can enjoy. A group who unite metal in a glorious fashion I'm excited to see what the future holds for the warriors of Crimson Shadows!

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