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Saturday, July 13, 2013



The most recent signees to Italy's formidable WormHole death records Levania are an excellent symphonic metal group whose layers of vocal magic should make them into one of the best things to hit the European symphonic metal scene in years. See, that's what makes these guys special, the way the clean male and female vocals link up with the growls to create really interesting soundscapes that keep the listener engaged and aurally stimulated. These vocal lines craft a sort of magic reality that is easy to get lost in, I hope the band uses their vocal skills to the greatest possible extent on their record. I really dig the keyboard lines too, they add a lot of flavor to songs like Midnight Silence and give the music a very solid "Classical Metal" feel. As a whole these guys are very talented with some excellent singers and very strong playing all around, more than a few of this bands members have been classically trained. So if you're looking for a group that has the potential to be the next big thing in female fronted symphonic metal then this is the band for you! 

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  1. Really? I love them!!! i'm so happy to ear this!

  2. glad you liked it man! how did you find out about them?