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Monday, July 15, 2013

Dreadful Silence, Meline, Abhcan and Malemort at Le Klub

And so for the second week running I found myself down underground at that legendary venue that is Le Klub. Though I had to leave a bit early I still had a memorable evening dominated by fiery guitar work, ripping bass lines and clowns from hell. What was this madness on the French national holiday? Why it was just another night of cthonic saturnalia at Le Klub. The bands were tight, from the freaky Dreadful Silence, to the epic Meline and then the powerful Abhcan things were interesting the whole time. And even though I saw only a third of their set Malemort seem to be dramatically improved.

Dreadful Silence immediately proved to be one of the most memorable bands that I have seen in a long time, the band wears a sort of evil clown make up (not corpse paint by any stretch of the imagination) and their frontman acts insane. It's quite a sight to behold; distinctly terrifying and shockingly unique. The bands music is pretty tight too, similar to Lamb of God but with more of a hardcore side to them, seeing them next week at La Scene Bastille should be pretty interesting. These guys have a look that is all their own and a great stage presence I get the feeling they can really capitalize on it and become huge.

Next up was Meline and boy can their lead singer roar! The band blazed through a set of their own songs and a Judas Priest cover and their vocalists incredible capabilities were shown off on every song: The band is furiously technical too with all sorts of cascading bass lines and jazz influenced guitar parts. The solos were simply phenomenal and really added a lot to the music. As a whole these guys were a lot of fun to watch and I loved their NWOBHM sensibilities, in the future though it might be nice to see a bit more of a connection with the crowd. Still, this band is technical and flashy and really know how to revel in the glories of metal.

Abhcan came up next and delivered a set of fun and hard hitting metal riffs: Their female lead singer has a fabulously deep voice and really injects her music with an undeniable heavy metal might. This is another band that could use more connection with the crowd, but hey their playing is still tight and riffs fun to watch in execution. The way the singers voice intertwines with the music is also rather unique and gave songs like Sheep a lot of flavor. This is a band who definitely have the potential to go far and their sound would certainly be appreciated by modern metal enthusiasts, I hope to see them live again soon!

Then we have Malemort, sure I only caught a third of their set but I want to write a little abut them anyway: Their frontman, the charismatic Xavier Napora has very much profited from more gigging experience and the band has taken their stage show to a whole new level. Exploding out of the gate into heavy metal glory these guys had me smiling the whole way through their show: With big choruses, blazing solos and thrash metal breaks Malemort seem on the verge of claiming their destiny as metal lords. I was incredibly glad to see their evolution and can not wait to catch a full set from them in the near future.

In conclusion, this Estivale de Metal Hexagonale proved to be a great way to spend my Bastille Day. Every band brought something fresh to the table and some simply blew me away! Dreadful Silence's horrifying breed of Clown Metal definitely made a good start to the night: Then the technical metal mastery of Meline kept things interesting and tasty. Abhcan provided a dose of female fronted metal magic with their crunchy riffs and powerful vocals: Then Malemort impressed me with their new found gifts in the world of metal concert magic. All bands I would like to see again all I ca say is I'm looking forward to returning to Le Klub next week!

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