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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Symphonic Power Metal from France, that's certainly not something you see every day. Yet here comes the roaring Darktribe a fun power metal act who understand how to wrap themselves in the musical triumphs of their chosen genre.What makes these guys special is their distinct ability to craft soaring melodies and searing guitar riffs. Toss in some high flying power metal vocals and you have yourself a band for the ages a group who seem like they are flying ever higher into power metal glory. Their new music video for their track Taiji is especially well done and shows the bands potential as pure artists. In short, Darktribe have everything a good power metal band needs, a killer vocalist, lots of shred fills and a generally positive vibe that seems like it will never go away. It makes Darktribe fun to listen to and leaves the listener begging for more of the bands unique brand of power metal magic. Seeing them Friday night should be a lot of fun, I'm excited to see if their prowess on the record matches their live magic!

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