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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


A stoner metal band named for a Sleep classic, a band who use great riffs and sludgy songwriting, where can you go wrong? Psychonaut rarely do, their brand of riff heavy stoner metal crunch is not something to be missed, a band who any lover of bands like Sleep and Electric Wizard will love. Toss in some tortured screams and you really have a band to be reckoned with, Psychonaut get how to do stoner metal in the modern style and do it very well. Their songs have a certain doomy crush to them making them fun to listen to and in many ways unforgettable. This is a band who embody all of the magic of the modern stoner metal scene and their riff happy approach to metal is the kind of thing that will prosper in years to come. One complaint might be that some of the songs are very long and could try your patience, but really, thats not often an issue for stoner metal fans. If your looking for a stoner metal band who really understand the genre than search no more, the bluesy riffs and Black Sabbath inspired dread found in Psychonauts music is exactly what you were looking for!

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