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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Departed-Steal The Crown

There isn't a lot of solid hardcore punk anymore, most of it has faded away or gotten boring, rarely do I find a hardcore punk band who really carry on the flag of intelligent rebellion. Yet today I have gotten to spin the new record from The Departed entitled Steal the Crown a 26 minute prothalmion to the greatness of one of the best up and coming hardcore punk bands in the world. Not relying purely on raw rebellion but also powerful hooks and catchy riffs their is something more to this record that most hardcore albums don't relyl have, making it catchier and a lot more meaningful.

What makes this record special is the way the band does not shy away from hooks and sing a long parts, and in fact encourages them. This makes their songs a lot more accessible, and simply enjoyable. While some of the true hardcore punk aggression may be lost its more than made up for in baying choruses and roaring guitar parts. In other words, these guys are just fun to listen to and they are clearly having fun as they make their music. Toss in some intelligent lyrics and you have yourself quite the record, an album that you can both mosh to, and listen to on a much more serious level, something very few artists in any extreme music genre succeed in doing today.

So, if your looking for a melodic hardcore record that is a lot more listenable and significantly easier to connect with than most stuff on the modern scene then Steal the Crown is the album for you. For years through many tours and releases The Departed have been building up to this and it seems like now they have finally got it together as they blaze through the albums twelve high energy tracks. If you are going to listen to this record prepare yourself for a melodic hardcore band that will push the boundaries of what is possible and take their genre to a whole new level.

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