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Friday, July 19, 2013

Drawn Awake

Yet another exciting melodeath band from Finland Drawn Awake are an explosive four piece with a very technical approach that is surprisingly hooky and features some very impressive choruses. Powerful and poignant there is a lot to love about Drawn Awake's tightly polished sound, not only do they respect genre progenitors like At the Gates and In Flames but they also add their own elements, namely in the form of tastes of power metal. Their high power gallop never gets old and in fact gives their music a distinct flavor, their is something unique to the attack that Drawn Awake bring to the table, something that shows me that these guys, more than many other modern melodeath bands truly deserve to be signed. Be it the excellent production or the simply transcendent songwriting Drawn Awake have the capacity to be a truly great band> I am very much looking forward to seeing these guys release a full length, with a bit more space to develop their unique and innovative ideas who knows what could happen?

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