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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Raised As Wolves

Raised As Wolves is a powerful post hardcore band who have a remarkably good mix of cleans and growls along with some very catch choruses. Tasteful through and through these guys are actually quite an enjoyable listen even for a hoary old metaller like me. There is quite a lot of dynamic interest in the music of Raised as Wolves, these guys certainly know how to play with light and dark, thus giving their music a bit of a progressive feel and making songs like This is not the End especially memorable. While the parts are usually pretty straightforward and rather simple they are certainly well written and the flow of the songs certainly seems to work rather well. With a new EP out only five days ago it seems like only good things are happening for this band, seeing how they develop this sound that they have polished so much will be very interesting. If you want to check these guys out then their An Ocean on Fire record should please you and other fans of good solid post hardcore.

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