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Saturday, July 20, 2013


A destructive force is rising up from Oslo, a band who will create the most violent of mosh pits and the most unforgiving riffs, this force is known as Englemaker a Norwegian hardcore punk band who understand what it is to create rebellious music at the highest level. This is the kind of band that doesn't need popularity or fans, they are simply so good on their own that they need no other outside stimulus. I think what makes them important for me is their unabashed aggression, too many punk bands these days pull back on the throttle to be more 'accessible' and 'fan friendly' Englemaker don't bother with any of that and come out far better. Their self titled debut EP is a spectacular testament to the glory that hardcore punk can have, even in the modern context. If you're looking for a band that will restore your faith in the genre that once saved rock and roll then Englemaker is the band for you, with a vicious attitude and a dedication to all that is fast and heavy I get the feeling that these guys are going to go far.

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