Chuck Schuldiner Project

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Velociter is a high flying take no prisoners thrash metal band from Denmark, the kind of group who seek to keep old school heavy metal alive in all of its magic. I'm glad to say that these guys very much succeed, with harsh vocals, heavy guitar riffs and a great attitude Velociter are fun to listen to and are the kind of act who restore my faith in the fact that the music of the old masters can be redone in 2013. They are powerful, reasonably unique and not afraid to pay homage to the guys who made this entire world of heavy metal possible. This band knows exactly what they want to do, make glorious and powerful heavy metal with an old school attitude and they do just that pretty darn well. While some of the tracks could be polished up a bit there is still a lot to love with Velociters music. In short, this band does everything their name promises, they play at a high velocity and its certainly very exciting to listen to. With lots of melodic guitar lines and some very strong songwriting I'm excited to see where these guys sails their ship of trve heavy metal glory in the future!

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