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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Erimha-Reign Through Immortality

I have long thought that Blackened Death Metal is one of the hardest genres of music to pull off. Yet the symphonic sounds of Erimha are definitely among the best. The band tried to make music in one of the most complicated genres of metal and succeeded with flying colors. Taking a best of symphonic black metal and pvre death metal their new record Reign Through Immortality is a surprisingly addictive ride through epic soundscapes and powerful riffs. An album that will melt your face off but also impress you with its beautiful songwriting their is a lot of listening to be had here!

What really makes this record special is the dynamic and powerful songwriting heard throughout. The way the black metal shrieks fit over the death metal riffs is truly something to be reckoned with. The symphonic edge is also really cool, it creates a veritable wall of sound, crafting insurmountable soundscapes that will simply inundate your ears with heavy metal glory. It all culminates in the ten glorious minutes that are Metempsychosis, the albums ultimate track which is also its best. With a great mix of cleans and shrieks it provides a roaring finish too one of the best blackened death metal records of the year.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a record that rips yet is also epic then this is the album for you. With swirling riffs, spiraling solos and simply great songwriting Reign Through Immortality has rapidly found a place in my heart. One of the best records in its genre to come out in a while I'm excited to see what the future holds for Erimha. Suffice to say, Victory Records did good in signing them, their music definitely needs to be shared with the world. Their is too much power and violence here to be ignored. Be sure to check it out when it drops July 9th!

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