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Thursday, July 4, 2013


Izeovasis is an intense technical death metal band from Livermore, California. With strange grooves and mountains of notes these guys aren't your cool uncles tech death band. Instead, Izeovasis are what would happen if you smashed Lamb of God into Meshuggah, yes, it's that good. From the introductory riff of Simulism you know you're in for something special. Once you hit the crazy bass lines of Because of Me I think it really starts to think in that Izeovasis are something special. This is a band who take all of the cool stuff going on in death and progressive metal today and mash it into one killer whole. While their music may be a bit confused sounding at times it produces a wholly cathartic effect. With some polishing these guys could go on to become one of the biggest things to ever hit tech death. I love the way their riffs spiral around my head and provide no respite, instead dunking me into a crazed world of blast beats and bizarre rhythms. Suffice to say, if you're in the Bay Area on Friday the 12th then you're going to want to check these guys out alongside Journal, Dissipate, Name, and Octoclops.

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