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Monday, July 1, 2013

Extinction of Mankind-Ale to England

Extinction of Mankind are one of crust punks most legendary bands and Ale to England one of their most legendary records. Yet if one could make a single complaint one would have to say it was too short, this is where Moshpit Tragedy comes in. The punk lord that is Rayny Forster has come through added nine live tracks to the original three songs of the Ale to England EP. The end result is a record that symbolizes the greatness of crust punk at it's height. An album filled with crazed beats and hard hitting riffs the Ale to England reissue does justice to a near-mythic band.

What the live recordings really add to the music is the sheer raw power that crust punk had in its heyday. Songs like The Nightmare Seconds are given a whole new life by being presented in a live context. When you close your eyes you can just see the bodies smashing into each other in the mosh pit. The reissue takes full advantage of the live might of the band and the nine live tracks are of shockingly good sound quality. They capture all of the energy of the group and make only very minor sacrifices in production, sure some sound snobs might disparage it, but if you're an audiophile, what are you doing listening to old school crust punk recordings anyway?

In conclusion, if you're looking for a fantastic old record that has been spruced up in its reissue then this is the album for you. If you've been flagging in your love for the old classics then this album should give you a new love for the genre. Rife with a pure punk energy and stinking of the sheer proletariat glory of The Sex Pistols this is an album that any proponent of true punk will revel in. With nine live tracks of superior quality that provide a sort of 'best of' for Extinction of Mankind the Ale To England reissue is really just a fantastic tribute to one of the greatest crust bands of all time. 

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