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Monday, July 1, 2013

Sense Vs Sanity

And so we have another great prog band signed with Layered Reality Productions. The immaculate soundscapes crafted by Sense Vs Sanity have to be heard to be believed. With some excellent lyrics and a general display of great musicianship all around. Their is some genuine ferocity here too, a certain aggression that you rarely hear in modern prog, it gives the music a harsh edge and helps to put Sense vs Sanity a cut above the rest. Their record Out of the Void is an epic tribute too how great prog can be when done by people who understand the violent side of metal and feel it right to attribute it with the intelligence of the prog scene. In short, if you're looking for a simply destructive prog band who incorporate a good amount of melodic death metal into their sound then Sense Vs Sanity is the band for you. Their well polished sound and simply mind bending solos are something that no prog snob will want too miss. A group who know how to craft crushing riffs and beautiful soundscapes their is something for every metaller in Sense Vs Sanity's music.

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