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Friday, July 26, 2013

Fights and Fires-We Could All be Dead Tomorrow

Fights and Fires are a punk band who are not afraid to inject their music with a healthy dose of rock and roll magic. The modern hardcore touches found in their music add a lot of flavor to the tracks and give the songs a certain desperate aggression, adding a lot of power to the songs. While the record has a pretty short run time there is a lot to enjoy here and it definitely leaves you begging for more (Thank God this band has two other full lengths on Spotify) With big choruses and powerful vocals I can see Fights and Fires bringing their unique brand of punk n roll to stages across the globe.

The thing that makes this record great is the fun vibes that are immediately counteracted with a bit of desperation found in the lyrics. Their dedication to music (several of the tracks talk about how music is all these guys live for) also helps to give this band a sense of destiny, if their lyrics are telling the truth this is all they've got going for them. The riffs have a great rock and roll feel to them too and give the songs a lot of nice hooks to build up around. As I mentioned before, the choruses are often huge and encourage group sing a longs. Combine this with a punchy rhythm section and you have yourself a band who are not only fun but also surprisingly addictive.

To finish it off, if you're looking for a band who are wholly dedicated to their craft and simply in love with good music then Fights and Fires is something you're going to want to check out. Their new record We Could All be Dead Tomorrow is eleven tracks of beautifully honest punk n roll that revels in its more timeless qualities. Now free on Bandcamp you really have no excuse to ignore this record, so if your into punk, rock and roll, or simply just good vibes then Fights and Fire third release We Could All be Dead Tomorrow is the album for  you!

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