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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sigma Cero

Now here's something I've never reviewed before, a Spanish language progressive power metal band, and a good one at that. While at first glance this might seem tacky and unnecessary Sigma Cero are in fact a most excellent group who truly understand what the genre is about. The band has a powerful sound replete with incredible keyboards and chunky guitar riffs. These factors all come together to make Sigma Cero a very fun listen, a band who bring something new to the table and make me just want to listen to prog all day, a sentiment I haven't had in months. I think the chief highlight of this already remarkable band is the vocals, they give everything an excellent overall vibe and keep the music interesting throughout. The song structures are excellent too, even their longer pieces (which can get very long indeed) are always engaging and keep the listen perpetually interested. These guys are incredibly tight too, I'm really looking forward to seeing how these lords of Spanish prog will develop their sound in the future!

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