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Friday, July 26, 2013

Hallucination-Krittim Prithibi

Bangladesh strikes me as a singularly difficult place to live. With a country at risk of flooding at any moment you've got to think these people must be desperate for some kind of redemption. This redemption is exactly what Hallucination seem to seek to give with their new record Krittim Prithibi a seven track melodic death metal masterpiece showing the potential of that scene. A rising force from one of the most difficult to live in countries in Asia Hallucination are a potent act and their debut record shows the magic that can come out of living in a place like Bangladesh.

The thing to know about this record is that it is nowhere near as brash and happy as most other melodeath records from recent times. There is a wonderfully raw desperation here, a sound that shows a band on the edge, a group who have to fight to survive and now want to show the horror of existence to the world. Be that in the mournful soloing or the rough and dark growls that dominate the record this album understands the terrors of reality in a third world country and profits from them. This inherent darkness is what makes Krittim Prithibi so good and so darned listenable. While there are melodic and technical parts filled with melodeath magic the inherent darkness is what makes this album great.

In short, if you're looking for a melodic death metal album that is significantly darker than most of the current stuff then Hallucinations new record is just for you. Rife with great songwriting, memorable guitar lines and some spectacular (but not to flashy) solos this is a metal album for the 21st century. A record that shows a band ready to take the world by storm and rise up from their desperate beginnings to something greater a melodic death metal force who are respected throughout the world. I can not wait to see what the future holds for this band!

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