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Thursday, July 25, 2013


There is a problem penetrating a lot of modern prog, a malaise that is really hurting the genre. This issue is that somewhere along the line prog started to lose bombast, the epic sounds that made us fall in love with heavy metal somehow disappeared into a bland pile of notes. Sonburst seem destined to bring that bombast back with their epic Wintersun inspired sound that shows some of the best songwriters I have stumbled upon this year. Their is a certain prog magic found within their music that I rarely get to hear in modern stuff, its most interesting indeed. With a fondness for extended tracks and flashy solos Sonburst are not only talented musicians but also just fun to listen to, they recapture the glory that many early prog bands had yet do it in a much more modern way. Swooping and dramatic I'm excited to see where Sonburst bring their sound next, they have the talent and the motivation to take their music across the globe, now we just have to see if they get enough breaks so that they can do just that!

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