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Monday, July 1, 2013


By definition progressive metal is pretty much the hardest genre of metal to pull off properly. The technicality and dedication required to make prog metal at the highest level is formidable. This makes the musical achievement of Mind:Soul all the more impressive. A group who use an impressive mix of cleans and growls along with some crazy riffs, beautiful acoustic parts and generally excellent songwriting Mind:Soul are simply a joy to listen too. The main influences here appear to be Symphony X, (Which especially influences some of the heavier guitar riffs and the use of light and dark textures) and Dream Theater (Whose influence is most profoundly felt in the clean vocal styles and the nature of some of the more standard guitar riffs as well as the keyboard lines). In other words, Mind:Soul are in many ways a prog snobs pleasure, a band who combine all the greatest sounds in prog into an excellent and streamlined whole. A product that is polished and finely wrought I'm excited too hear more from Mind:Soul in the future!

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