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Friday, July 19, 2013

True Widow-Circumambulation

True Widow is probably unlike any other band you have heard before. The thing to know about this record is that there is a sort of fusion of shoegaze with ambient music and then imbued with touches of doom metal. The end result is, frankly, beautiful, so much so that there new record Circumambulation (boy that's a mouthful) is one of the greatest things I've heard all year. By taking the best elements from a variety of genres and imbuing them with a certain magic desperation True Widow are able to create something that is truly special and oftentimes inspiring.

The dreamy nature of the chords is immediately contrasted by the gentle rumble of the bottom end. At once this record has the ethereal feel of Alcest and the down to earth grit of Pallbearer. It gives the music depth and makes Circumambulation worth many a listen. Furthermore, the mix of male and female vocals is very tasty, it gives the songs variety and really works to spice up some of the tracks. I would like to hear them singing in harmony a bit more though, that would really bring things to the next level. Yet as a whole this record is very coherent and its generally bleak nature is kept up throughout giving the entire record a sense of crushing desperation.

To finish, Circumambulation may not be a metal record, yet it should appeal to many metalheads. For me, it is one of the best non metal albums of the year so far. At first glance it might seem strange that Relapse chose to sign these guys but when you really get under the surface of the music all is unveiled and the undisputed attitude of True Widow must be acknowledged. Suffice to say, I want to go out and find more from these guys and I'm excited to see how their sound develops in the future. If you're looking for somethign that is cutting edge and inspiring then you should pick this album up when it drops on July 23rd.

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