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Friday, July 19, 2013


A ship crashes along the waves, a brave warrior stands up among his men and urges them to fight the storm; Such is the chaotic blasting magic of Vallands music, pure and glorious gaullic metal for your patriotic French metal purist. While primarily in the pagan metal vein their are still Gaullic chants and death metal riffs to be heard in Vallands compositions. this is another one of those bands who reinforce my belief that French is a great language for extreme metal, especially when discussing such weighty topics as honor and war. With high powered and destructive songs these guys simply rip your head off with their folk metal mastery, daring to go heavier and harsher than most groups in the genre. Their fusion of black and death metal is impeccable, imbuing the tracks with flavor. So if you're looking for good and violent French metal then this is the band for you!  I am very much looking forward to seeing them live Sunday night at the legendary venue that is Le Klub.

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