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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Morality Crisis

Boats cover art

A band who have been crafting their own unique sound for a decade now Morality Crisis are a group ripped straight from the heartland. Their sound is distinct, grindcore tinged hardcore with a stoner metal vibe, something for every fan of heavy music to enjoy. The raw and vicious quality of their songs is not something you find often in modern metal, their is a lot of grit here that is built up from a decade of working together. The way the music flows, in such a natural and perfect manner is not something most bands can reflect. Morality Crisis have their own unique approach to extreme music and they handle it without a single qualm. These guys are bringing something fresh to a saturated market, something unashamed to be its own thing and thus breaking new boundaries in the groups hectic attack. Suffice to say, seeing how these guys develop in the future will be an exciting prospect, talented musicians all around Morality Crisis are a testament to the greatness of their label home, Minnesconsin Records.

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