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Thursday, August 8, 2013


Music fueled by violence from a band filled with hatred Angeroots will rip your face off and hold you in thrall to the crushing death metal might of a band who talk all of Pantera's power and fuse it with the raw evil and refinement of Enslaved. What makes this band really special is simple. They have a tight and controlled groove metal attack that allows the band to channel a seemingly infinite aggression. In other words, these guys have a go for the throat approach to metal and are proud of that fact, in today's world of often sterilized metal, how many bands can claim to really do that? I feel that the band really succeeds in distilling their sound into their name, it reflects how their seemingly neverending anger is apparently the very roots of an unforgiving and unfriendly sound. These guys know how to write a metal song and are not afraid to do it, even if it means crushing skulls and chewing off ears. If you're looking for a band who promise to be the next big thing in groove metal then search no more, you have found your death metal deliverance with the heavy metal mastery found in the music of Angeroots.

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